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Simple AppImageHub Client

Top Features:

  • FLOSS and non profit app
  • Simple categories
  • Download from github directly, no extra-server involved
  • Upgrade and Downgrade appimages easily
  • Version History and multi download support
  • Fast downloader

Note : Some features are not implemented yet.

Authors: prateekmedia



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Run Windows software on Linux with Bottles🍷!

Bottle software and enjoy at your leisure!

Our built-in dependency installation system grants automatic software compatibility access. Use the download manager to download the official components: the runner (Wine, Proton), DXVK, dependencies, etc.

Bottle versioning keeps your work safe now and lets you restore it later!


  • Create bottles using preconfigured environments or create your own
  • Run executables (.exe/.msi) in your bottles, directly from the context menu of your file-manager
  • Automated detection of applications installed in your bottles
  • Add environment variables quickly
  • Override DLLs directly from per-bottle preferences
  • On-the-fly runner change for any Bottle
  • Various gaming-performance optimizations (esync, fsync, DXVK, cache, shader compiler, offload … and much more.)
  • Automatic installation and management of Wine and Proton runners
  • Automatic bottle repair in case of breakage
  • Integrated dependency-installer based on a community-driven repository
  • Integrated Task manager for Wine processes
  • Access to ProtonDB and WineHQ for support
  • System for bringing your configuration to new versions of Bottles
  • Back up and import bottles
  • Import Wine prefixes from other managers
  • Bottles versioning (experimental)
  • .. and much more that you can find by installing Bottles!

Authors: bottlesdevs



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DeepTags supports nested tags and offers simple ways to edit them, for example by dragging and dropping a tag on a note. These notes could be read either with the integrated editor or with one or multiple third party markdown editors installed on your system. Make sure to add them into the the app in Edit -> Markdown Readers.

Authors: SZinedine



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Extreme cooling is a special fan mode supported in Lenovo Legion laptops. This mode can increase the cooling performance of your laptop and reduces its temperature. However, this feature is only supported by Lenovo through its Windows program Lenovo Sense Nerve.

ExtremeCooling4Linux has been created to enable and support this special feature on Linux.



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An application designed to simplify access and exploration of data produced by the Allen Institute for Cell Science, provide an intuitive mechanism for organizing that data, and provide simple hooks for incorporating that data into both programmatic and non-programmatic workflows.

Authors: AllenInstitute



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Attach a single line animated text/spinner by a comma delimited string or array with with options for prepending and appending strings. There are also ways to adjust the speed by altering the frame amount or the --spread option to spread the frames over INTEGER seconds time.

Authors: Lateralus138



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QOwnNotes is the open source (GPL) plain-text file notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows by Patrizio Bekerle, that (optionally) works together with the notes application of ownCloud or Nextcloud.

Authors: pbek



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This a Multiplatform Desktop Software Tool that will allow you to manage your Prestashop online Store without having to deal with the sluggish default web platform, specially with slow internet connections.

With this tool you will be able to edit your Products and Categories easily in a very intuitive way using the power and flexibility of Prestashop REST API.

Products Manager:

Synchronize your existing products into Store API Manager to perform all CRUD operations and in addition, update all properties of your Products in one sigle view. Apart from editing single value properties, you will also be able to edit and create:

  • Categories
  • Features and Values
  • Images
  • Prices (with and without taxes)

Image Manager:

View, upload, delete and sort all product related images easily.

Categories Manager:

Through the categories tree you will have access to all Category CRUD related operations.



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Shannon Calculator calculates the Shannon self-information content of a message text or file byte data.

Shannon information is a measure of the information content contained in a message. The theory underpins many developments in compression, message transmission and error correction.

Authors: kuiperzone



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Subsurface is an opensource diving logbook that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. With this program, users can keep track of their dives by logging dive locations (with GPS coordinates), weights and exposure protection used, divemasters and dive buddies, etc. Subsurface also enables the users to rate their dives and provide additional dive notes.

Dives can be downloaded from a variety of dive computers, inserted manually or imported from other programs. A wide array of diving statistics and information is calculated and displayed, like the user’s SAC rate, partial pressures of O2, N2 and He, calculated deco information, and many more.

The dive profiles (and the tank pressure curves) can be visualized in a comprehensive and clean way, that provides the user with additional information on relative velocity (and momentary air consumption) during the dive. Subsurface also allows the user to print out a detailed log book that includes dive profiles and other relevant information. The program is localized in about 20 languages and well supported by an active developer community.

Authors: Subsurface-divelog



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​ Ksnip is a Qt based Linux screenshot tool that provides many annotation features for your screenshots. ​


  • X11 and experimental KDE and Gnome Wayland support.
  • Taking Screenshot of a custom rectangular area that can be drawn with mouse cursor (X11 and Gnome Wayland only).
  • Taking screenshot of full screen, including all screens/monitors.
  • Taking screenshot of window that currently has focus (X11 and Gnome Wayland only).
  • Taking screenshot of window under mouse cursor (KDE Wayland only).


  • Drawing on captured screenshot with two different tools, pen (opaque) and maker (semi-transparent).
  • Drawing two shapes ellipse and rectangle, with and without fill.
  • Drawing lines and arrows.
  • Customizable color and size (thickness) for all drawing tools.
  • Writing text on screenshots, with customizable font, size, color etc.
  • Numbering tool with customizable font and color.

Authors: DamirPorobic



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pyLinuxWheel is an open source program developed in Python and Gtk3 to configure Logitech steering wheels on Linux. You can change the default values of Logitech driver such as range, combine pedals, alternate modes with pyLinuxWheel through its graphical interface. Also pyLinuxwheel can make an automatic installation of the udev rules for your steering wheel so you don't need become root to configure your device.



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QPDF is a command-line program that does structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF files. It could have been called something like pdf-to-pdf. It also provides many useful capabilities to developers of PDF-producing software or for people who just want to look at the innards of a PDF file to learn more about how they work.

QPDF is capable of creating linearized (also known as web-optimized) files and encrypted files. It is also capable of converting PDF files with object streams (also known as compressed objects) to files with no compressed objects or to generate object streams from files that don't have them (or even those that already do). QPDF also supports a special mode designed to allow you to edit the content of PDF files in a text editor. For more details, please see the documentation links below.

QPDF includes support for merging and splitting PDFs through the ability to copy objects from one PDF file into another and to manipulate the list of pages in a PDF file. The QPDF library also makes it possible for you to create PDF files from scratch. In this mode, you are responsible for supplying all the contents of the file, while the QPDF library takes care off all the syntactical representation of the objects, creation of cross references tables and, if you use them, object streams, encryption, linearization, and other syntactic details.

QPDF is not a PDF content creation library, a PDF viewer, or a program capable of converting PDF into other formats. In particular, QPDF knows nothing about the semantics of PDF content streams. If you are looking for something that can do that, you should look elsewhere. However, once you have a valid PDF file, QPDF can be used to transform that file in ways perhaps your original PDF creation can't handle. For example, programs generate simple PDF files but can't password-protect them, web-optimize them, or perform other transformations of that type.

Authors: qpdf



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Manage your blood pressure data with UBPM. Display data as chart, table or statistics and print for the doctor. Analyze data via SQL queries. The measurements can be entered manually, imported from file or read directly from supported blood pressure monitors and exported to CSV, XML, JSON or SQLite.